Could Competitive Drone Racing Replace Our Outings To The Bowling Alley?

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In recent weeks, Pokemon Go has dominated the streets of the world. FL are noticing more and more people glued to their phones while strolling the streets and seeking out their next Pokemon. It’s certainly replacing the more conventional activities that have been our go tos since childhood. Gone are the days of a simple trip to the bowling alley, a few laps around a go-karting track, or a few shots at the driving range.


Now, FL are excited by the next development to combine our love of technology with extensive exploration: competitive drone racing.  This immersive and exciting sport is a phenomenon which FL are sure is set to take over some of our more conventional outings.

What exactly does drone racing involve, we hear you ask?

Basically, a pilot drives a drone around a set course as quickly as possible. This could be anywhere. Your back garden. Across the Alps. Through the Amazon forest. To the moon… (perhaps not – but FL reckons anything is possible…) Almost all drone races are carried out using First Person View Systems – so essentially you use cameras to fly the drone as if you were sitting in the cockpit. Whether you’re wanting to satisfy your competitive streak, or you’re more interested in exploring different parts of the world from a different perspective, this sounds like the perfect sport for everyone. And added bonus, you don’t even have to work up a sweat.

That said: competitive drone racers – should FL be on the lookout for you at Rio 2016?!