The Ultimate Bike. 24K Gold Plating, Snakeskin… This Bad Boy Is Just Nice To Look At…

And just for fun, because none of you can afford it but it’s pretty to look at- check out the 24K gold handle barred bike. This bad boy is fly…

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FL admits he spends approximately 10% of every day fantasising about being cooler and/or richer. FL came across this bike and thinks it would fit perfectly with his rapper persona, that he’s still debating adopting in the near future.

Mostly matt black with 24K gold plated details and even some snakeskin… this bike is cooler than FL could ever hope to be. It’s kind of like Jay-Z, Usain Bolt and Kanye West all rolled into one object. It’s black with a lot of gold on it, moves with speed and grace, and thinks it can pull of snakeskin.

FL has added it to the wishlist.

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